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Stand out from the crowd of ordinary promotional items and build a strong brand that your employees will love, and your customers will easily recognize. Custom-made promotional items can help you achieve that.

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What to expect from custom-made promotional items

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Whether we’re talking about promotional clothing or classic catalogue promotional items, they all come with standard manufacturing limitations. You are pre-defined on the sizes and logo or print placements, and you can only choose from the manufacturer’s limited range of colours and materials.

Custom manufacturing, on the other hand, means you have absolute freedom over the final look of the product. Want a USB flash drive in the shape of a bus? No problem. Would you like a set of tools with handles in your custom Pantone colour? Of course.

Custom manufacturing simply means producing items that have their unique shape or a distinct Pantone colour, regardless of the limiting catalogue offer. Everything will look the way we jointly design and approve.

How does it work?

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zakazkova vyroba

What are the advantages?


You are not limited by the catalogue offer.


The product will fully align with your brand, helping you build better brand recognition.


You will stand out from your competition.


With all custom products, you can personally test a product sample before commencing production for the entire order.

Curious about what we've created for our clients?

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Czech Railways were looking for USB flash drives that resembled their well-known trains, Shark and Elefant.

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For Noark, we created high-quality, stylish tools in their corporate colours to support their product sales.


Hornbach Hornbach made their employees happy with original cookie cutters for baking, designed according to their wishes. They could bake cookies in the shape of a screwdriver or pliers.


Ahmad found a solution with us for their Christmas boxes filled with tea, which you can find on store shelves every year. We carefully tuned every detail of the box, embossed texture, and the printing itself.

Benefit Plus logo

We custom-designed a game for Benefit Plus. We played with the game’s graphics and logic, ensuring it resonated with the brand and was easily recognizable.

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For Volkswagen Financial Services, we mixed their own liqueur. The mix of fruity flavours and herbal scents, which also adorned the bottle, was carefully chosen according to the client’s wishes.

What can be custom designed?

We can work with all kinds of materials – from plastic to glass, metals to wood, and natural materials. If you don’t have a specific idea, let the custom products below inspire you.

But that's just the beginning...

Explore the overview of countless possibilities for manufacturing items in your own colours, in your own shapes, and with the most prominent prints.


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  1. Úkolem je představení businessu  TSR, obchodování se šrotem,  pomocí zábavné deskové hry.
  2. Návrh konceptu hry, jejíž cílem je ovládnutí trhu. Následuje odsouhlasení klientem.
  3. Vývoj herního systému, kombinace materiálů připomínající šrot a důkladné testování.
  4. Grafické zpracování s reálnými fotkami a minimalistickým designem.
  5. Výroba prototypu a odladění detailů s klientem pro dokonalý výsledek.
  6. Realizace i distribuce deskové hry pro nadšené partnery a přátele společnosti TSR.

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