Private-label products

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Leverage the promotion of your brand and enhance your product range

Based on the range of products you currently offer, we can create a set of products under your private label.


Imagine this as your own products in supermarket chains. Products under their private labels are often very popular among customers, offering exciting pricing opportunities and contributing to brand awareness. We’d be delighted to supply you with selected products that can help keep your brand in customers’ minds even better.


These products can be used for direct sales (placing them, for example, near the cashier in stores) or as gifts during promotional events (as extra incentives for purchases).

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What can these products look like?

  • Products can either be provided without any branding.

  • Products can be furnished with packaging featuring your private label.

  • The products themselves can feature branding on the product’s surface (printing, engraving, embroidery, and more) according to your needs and preferences.

Key Benefits


Private-label products help build brand awareness.


Products come at a favourable price with the potential for higher margins.


You won't need to worry about storing large amounts of inventory.


We'll design all the graphics for you


This helps optimize your cash flow and storage space (products can be delivered to you gradually based on current sales while maintaining bulk order pricing)

What Product Categories Are Available?

Product categories are nearly unlimited. However, based on our experience, we’ve prepared a selection of products for specific industries. You’ll find categories such as:

  • Kitchen products
  • Furniture accessories
  • Personal care and cosmetics products
  • Useful items for workshops and gardens
  • Products for gas stations
  • Small electronics
  • Pet care items

Kitchen Accessories and Grilling Aids

Furniture Accessories

Personal Care Accessories

Workshop and Garden Tools

Sports Products

Gas Station Supplies

Small Electronics

Pet Care Items

Interested in Private Label Product Options?

Leave us your contact details with specifics, and we’ll work out all the details together.

Your personal data will be processed by Intelsol s.r.o., ID: 02774569, for the purpose of handling your inquiry. More information on the processing of your personal data can be found here.


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